South Florida Franchise Owner's Association

We are South Florida Franchise Owner's Association of 7-Eleven. Our goal is to help members of the South Florida 7-Eleven franchise owners by working to solve problems related to store operations, monitoring and coordinating a positive working relationship with 7-Eleven, providing assistance to franchisees who need specific support, working with vendors and suppliers for our mutual benefit, conducting social events to enhance franchisee relations, and providing valuable information via our website ( and holding general meetings to bring franchisees together to enhance our mutual success.

Why Join South Florida FOA?

  • Meet and share information and experiences with other franchisees
  • Voice your opinions and concerns
  • Learn from fellow franchisees
  • Meet with national and regional vendors
  • Socialize with other franchisees and enjoy the trade shows and holiday parties

To join the South Florida Franchise Owner Association, please fill out our online application and submit it.

Questions? Please visit our contact us page and submit your inquiries.